Medication Management

Our caregivers are trained to provide medication management, which can provide a sense of relief for the family members. The management of our client’s medications, that are prescribed by the physician and when taken correctly as prescribed, supports the healing of the patient. Knowledge of the patient’s medication and medication regimen at home provides a key element to the physician’s care of the patient.
Our caregivers are not allowed to administer the medication, but they are trained to ensure that the client is achieving safe self-administration. Some benefits of having a caregiver to oversee that your loved one is staying on track with their medication regime are listed below:

  • Decrease drug interactions, adverse effects and non-compliance
  • Client and/or caregiver will understand the medication administration as ordered
  • Assess for adequate social and community support for medication compliance
  • Educate the client and the clients family on proper dosage, frequency and side effects
  • Evaluate therapeutic response to medication(s)
  • Assess the effectiveness of pain management
  • Assist in developing medication schedule/process to enhance compliance
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