A senior man smiling at the camera as he goes from back seat of car into a wheelchair. His wife is holding his hand and his adult daughter is behind the wheelchair, holding the car door open.

Tis The Season; Holiday Christmas Activities for Seniors

           Many seniors face stress around the holidays for a myriad of reasons to include depression, loneliness, physical, mental or medical conditions, loss of loved ones, etc.  Following are tips and activities to boost their spirits:

  • Take a Christmas light tour through a park, neighborhood, or other local areas.
  • Decorate the Christmas tree together.
  • Watch a holiday parade in your city and grab a meal before or afterward.
  • Make a Christmas scrapbook storing favorite holiday stories and photos over warm cup of coffee or hot cocoa.
  • Volunteer at local community organizations, i.e. a food pantry or ring the bell for the Salvation Army, pet rescue groups, etc.
  • Decorate Christmas Stockings and Christmas Wreaths.
  • Cook favorite family meals.
  • Bake gingerbread and sugar cookies for Santa.
  • Video-chat distant family and friends.
  • Write and send out holiday cards.
  • Attend a Christmas play or concert and grab a meal afterwards.
  • Host a holiday game night with bingo, charades, etc.
  • Run holiday errands together.
  • Wrap up Christmas gifts together.
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